Sunday Service Crew Member


To all the guys (and gals) who love to put their hands, heart, and feet to work, we have the jobs for you. Each and every Sunday, we go about the work of preparing the sanctuary for all the members, visitors, and guests who will be attending church. The Sunday Service Crew makes sure everything is in order by the time church starts (by 10:30 am for Corporate Prayer). This entails setting up the equipment, tables, chairs, etc. that are needed. After service, we do the whole process again, in reverse, taking down equipment and tables, etc. to return the sanctuary to its former state. Heavy lifting required for some equipment. For the morning shift, arrival at church by 9:00 is a necessity, to make sure everything is in excellence by the time church starts. For the afternoon shift, presence after service is a necessity, to make sure everything is back in its place. You’ll be part of a “can’t do without you” team that makes a massive difference every single Sunday. This is a volunteer unpaid position.