What Google can’t teach you about your Credit health and wealth class 101

Sunday, November 4

Start Time: 1:30pm

12500 Campus Drive, Oakland Ca

Building R (Student Center)


Celebrated community leader and 28 year financial veteran Angela Setters Bessard, will share the important steps, secrets, stories and principals to practice in your everyday credit life.  Are you looking to be empowered to take steps in your life and grow as a credit expert, become dangerously aware of how powerful the credit system is in the US and how you and your family can benefit and live with financial peace, then you can’t afford to miss this event!  If you have struggled to pay off debt, don’t understand why your credit score can’t get any higher, have no credit, too much credit or are a business owner funding your business on your own dime, you don’t want to miss this powerful session on the Credit health and wealth system.  

Financial Class 2018 November 4.jpg